Cotton Hulls are outer covering of Cottonseeds. If the seed is delinted properly, black hulls are produced. Partially delinted semi-black seed yields “Semi Black Hulls”. The undelinted seed from fuzzy variety of seed produces “White Hulls”.
Recovery of linters from Cottonseed is about 4 per cent.
Roughage in cattlefeed, for diluting high protein cakes and extraction in the manufacture of compound cattlefeed, for reducing decorticated cottonseed meal/extraction with high protein content (48-50%) to the normal standard quality meal (40 to 42% protein), and also used in Petroleum drilling operations for filling the drilled holes to avoid caving in. Furfural alcohol can be manufactured from Cottonseed Hulls, as they possess as high as 12.5% to 13% of Furfural. Furfural is used in Paints and Plastics, Lignin used as a Soil Conditioner, Plastic filler and a source of Vanilla.
CAPOL produces around 15,000 MT of Hulls every year, which can be increased as per the requirement of the customer.


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