Capacity : 500 M.T.PER DAY

Cotton seed is initially sieved on 7 Rotary Bolls Cleaners and 6 Single stage seed cleaners in order to remove unginned bolls, jute/plastic threads, plant contaminants, sand, stones and any other foreign material. This cleaned seed is then passed through the first cut of de-linting machines(delinters) which consists of 7 high rated capacity de-linters of 100 M.T. each. It is next followed by a second cut of de-linting consisting of 10 de-linters of 50 M.T. each, to remove the lint from seed. These linters (both first cut and second cut) are cleaned through 3 nos. seven stage lint cleaners and then such cleaned lint will be sent to automatic press whereby that lint will get pressed into bales, of either first-cut linters, or second-cut linters separately.
The de-linted seed is then passed through a safety shaker for separation of ferrous material and is fed into 4 Hullers (2 nos. 200 M.T. and 2 nos. 150 M.T.). The seed is broken and separated into hulls and meat in this decorticating section. There can be some quantity of seed which might have hulls mixed in it and in order to recover the seed from hulls, this material passes through Four Density-seed separators, where the seed is recovered from hulls. The hulls then passes through a series of three Hull Tailing Beaters, where meat particles stuck to hulls are separated by beating process from hulls. Hulls are collected separately and packed in bags. Then the meats are fed to the oil mill with the help of a screw conveyor.


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