This type of Cottonseed De-oiled Cake is obtained when cottonseed is processed through scientific method i.e. delinting, decortications, separation of hull, expelling and solvent extraction of oil from meal. Such cake contains almost negligible oil and has very high by-pass type protein content 38 to 40%.
The Cottonseed meal/extraction contains protein as high as about 38 to 40% as compared to about 20 to 22% in traditionally prepared cottonseed cake. The protein content in the cattle feed is best utilized by the cattle if it by-passes its rumen (first part of the stomach) and is digested in the subsequent parts of the stomach. Such phenomena is known as “By-pass Protein”. It has been established that the protein content in Cottonseed Extractions is of “By-pass Protein” type.
Decorticated Cottonseed Extraction is recognized all over the world as better cattle feed. In fact, undelinted undecorticated cottonseed cake is virtually an unknown product in the developed Countries.
Cottonseed Extraction has also two other uses viz. fish feed and poultry feed. Based on the experience abroad, there is good scope for export of Cottonseed Extraction as poultry feed also.
CAPOL has a vast capacity to supply De-oiled Cottonseed Cake and is scientifically proved to be the best feed for Cattle, which by-passes the digestion system. CAPOL produces around 25,000 MT per annum of its Animal Feed Plant, if so required by any business Associate.


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